Facility Administrator & Food Safety Manager

Job Summary

The Facility & Food Safety Manager will be responsible for coordinating facility maintenance and various special projects. The Facility & Food Safety Manager will also manage the food safety and general safety programs. The Facility & Food Safety Manager will be responsible for monitoring operational procedures as they relate to food safety while ensuring the company meets or exceeds the requirements established by the FDA, USDA, and GFSI. The Facility & Food Safety Manager is responsible for overseeing the training of all staff as it relates to food safety and general workplace safety..

Responsibilities & Duties:


• Oversee the building maintenance department and scheduling preventive maintenance/repairs.
• Oversee the company safety program including chemical safety, forklift safety, and others.
• Coordinate with third-party risk management team and conduct regular Safety Committee Meetings.
• Other special projects as assigned.


• Facilitate third party (Regulatory) and second party (Customer) inspections and audits.
• Execute food safety program in accordance with PrimusGFS v3.0 audit requirements including…
• HACCP and PC program coordination;
• Sanitation program management including staff hiring and scheduling, chemical and supply inventory and suitability for use, validation and verification of sanitation procedures, etc.; food defense, pest control, and allergen control programs.
• Develop training materials for new hire and ongoing quarterly training to ensure adherence to company Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
• Communicate across the supply chain to address any food safety-related complaints.
• Conduct regular Food Safety Committee meetings
• Other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor of Science BS degree from an accredited university.
• Experience in supply chain management or food science.
• PCQI and HACCP certified.
• Familiarity with PrimusGFS audit scheme is strongly preferred.
• Must be available to handle emergency calls and respond to alerts remotely, 24/7.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Excellent organization and proven ability to multitask successfully.
• Ability to be conduit between various departments to move projects forward.
• Thoughtful, solutions-oriented leader with a strong desire to make an impact through their work.

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