Market Report

Week of March 12, 2018

Blueberries have lower—steady market, light demand Wide range in quality
Strawberries about steady market, fairly light demand

Apples have a steady market, light supply, on Fuji and Jonagold, moderate demand
Broccoli about steady market, fairly good demand
Cauliflower about steady market, good—very good
Lettuce about steady market, moderate demand
    Iceberg slightly higher market, good demand
    Romaine higher market, good demand
Beans about steady market, moderate demand
Eggplant slightly lower—about steady market, fairly
light supply, moderate demand
Peppers about steady market, moderate demand
Bell Type about steady market, fairly light
Squash about steady market, good demand
Cabbage steady market, moderate demand
Greens have a steady market, moderate demand
Carrots steady market, moderate demand

Onions, Dry slightly lower market, moderate demand
Potatoes have a steady market, fairly light demand







Produce Quiz



I grow on a drought and frost resistant deciduous tree, a relative of the tree that produces turpentine. My tree can live for centuries in its natural state. Just shake us down and gather us up. I know you’ll be surprised to learn that I am a fruit. Actually, I am an ovoid drupe, but unlike a peach, it’s my pit not my hull, that is prized. Since ancient biblical times, as early as 7,000 BC, my treasure has fueled many peoples. The Queen of Sheba is said to have hoarded us for royal consumption exclusively. Today, as migratory nomads travel with herds across the northern parts of the Middle East, they depend on my kernels growing in the wild. Legend claims that good fortune comes to lovers that hear my shells crack on a moonlit tree. Iranians describe my open shell as laughing. This mature split is unique and allows us to be processed and marketed in our secure clothing. Migratory nomads along with the Queen never found us dressed in red. That was a dye applied by the humans to cover harvesting stains as well as creating an alternative product. Historically imported, I was considered an exotic specialty in the United States until 1970 when California began commercial production increasing supply while reducing the price. Consumed alone and whole, with or without salt is our most popular use. You will also find us in chicken and cake batters, cookies and confections, icecreams and soups. We are packed with potassium, protein, carbs and fiber. And yes, these days I guess you could call the majority of us Wonderful.

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